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Register an Account or Sign in

Create an account to begin your Kayako data transfer. Complete the form and provide your name, email, a phone number and choose a password. You may also use your Facebook and Google accounts to login. This process will take less than 1 minute.

Choose what you want you migrate and map necessary fields

Our service provides with migration of different Help Desk Systems, moreover, during the data transfer setup you can map required fields.

Proceed free and secure data transfer preview

Before you pay and proceed full data migration, you can find out how our service works. Preform preview migration and make sure the result suits your needs. This procedure is free of charge.

Check out migration preview and run full data transfer

Check the results on your new kayako. Right after you make sure that everything is fine you can go ahead and transfer all of your data.

Grant access to your Kayako for pre-migration approval

We will check your current Help Desk System and Kayako installations, parameters, the information amount, configuration, and customization.

Make a cup of coffee (or tea) and wait a little while we set up your data move

During this important process, we will prepare the data move. Map entities, tune customization and make sure everything is in its place.

Check out preview data transfer results

Once preview data transfer finished, we will show you the results. You will have a clue how your Kayako will to look like.

Benefit from the results of full data move and count how much money you have saved

We gently migrate the whole data to Kayako, double-check the result, flavor it with our pleasure of having you as a client and inform you about the success.
Estimate Your Own Migration Price

Migration Price

Select your current Help Desk platform and the future one.

Number of records in your current Help Desk

Amount of help desk records
Help Desk Record — every single Agent, Group, Contact, Company and Ticket.
EG: If you have 10 Agents, 100 Contacts, 100 Companies and 400 Tickets, than you have 610 help desk records.
Amount of knowledge base records
Knowledge Base Record — every single Article, Category and Folder.
EG: If you have 10 Articles, 6 Categories and 4 Folders, than you have 20 knowledge base records.

Your personal info (in case you want to be contacted)

Automated Migration Price
During automated migration we transfer Contacts, Companies and Tickets , including relations between them.
Custom Migration Price
Contact us
Any modules, any requirements.

Talk to an Expert

John is an expert in data migration and can answer any your question about data transfer.
Let people say


We found Help Desk Migration after searching the internet and after contacting support, we decided to use this service. Handling the migration on our own would be too difficult for us – there was thousands of tickets and lots of contacts. These guys moved our data very carefully and their customer is excellent!

Judy Wane • Executive Manager

If you are looking for an outstanding service, Help Desk Migration is for you! They transferred our customer base to Zendesk without errors! Well done!

Alice Gold • Business Developer

We used this services for migration of our very large customer and ticket database. The service is outstanding. There was a hitch in the transfer (due to an error on the Kayako, not Help Desk Service). Support manager and tech team resolved the issue within several hours and successfully moved our data. Very highly recommended!

Bert Longside • CTO
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